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When considering the best ways to insulate your home, many homeowners will attach the attic first. There is a wide variety of loft insulation methods available today. Some will require professional help, while others can be simple enough to be attempted by consumers with little to no training.Floor Insulation

Loft Insulation

Insulating the loft floor is a start. If you only plan on using your loft for storage, in most cases it will only be necessary to add layers to the floor of the loft. This can commonly be referred to as “cold loft” insulation.

Roof Insulation

If you want your loft to be used as more of a living space, it will become necessary to add layers to the roofing of your house. This can be known as “warm loft” insulation. Warm loft techniques can be far more demanding to install, require more materials to cover more surface area and generally tend to cost more money. 

When considering adding insulation to your roof, the rafters that make up the structure of your roof can be one of the trickiest elements to work around. They are usually deep, and need to maintain a decent level of ventilation. Fitting boards and layers incorrectly around them can lead to serious cases of condensation, mold and damp development.

Insulation Services to Cover Every Need

At Air Duct Cleaning Rosemead we have the expertise to offer a wide range of home insulation services. We can ensure your current loft insulation is removed safely and replaced with the latest methods and insulation materials. Drastically increase your property's ability to retain heat in winter and stay cool in the summer with effective wall, loft, floor and window insulation.

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