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The best air duct cleaning tips you can find. Learn the basic steps to cleaning your home’s ductwork. Here are wise ideas on how to clean air ducts and sanitize your home. We never run out of tips.

The benefits of residential air duct cleaning

When HVAC maintenance takes place often, your health is shielded and you avoid allergies and health issues. Regular air duct cleaning would limit air loss and the HVAC unit would work better. So, the temperatures would be better and you won't spend too much on energy. If you do HVAC unit repair at least once a year, you'll save money from frequent services.

Prevent ducts from becoming wet

Keep in mind that moisture should never be allowed inside the duct. Therefore, controlling moisture should be on top of your priority list. This will also serve as an effective way to prevent the existence and biological growth of microorganisms and molds inside the air ducts.

Check ducts for holes

It's important to check air ducts for leaking points. They might be in the form of loose connections, obvious holes and small cracks. The tiniest gap will let the air escape. Hence, the HVAC unit won't produce the required temperatures and you'll spend a lot on unconsumed energy.

Replace the old ducts

Most buildings have old air ducts, which are probably damaged and filthy. Decades back, technicians weren't using materials of good quality as today. Most ducts are not insulated and unsealed. Air duct replacement will ensure that ducts are sealed with adhesives tapes and are insulated. It will make a difference to energy consumption and HVAC efficiency.

Smoking indoors contributes to contaminants

Smoking is a form of polluting the air, and this is especially true for indoor smoking. The burning paper and tobacco release particles in the air that go to the central air duct system and eventually circulate via the air ducts. Smoking is twice as dangerous indoors.

Remove vegetation from the area around the HVAC condenser unit

Relocate any shrubs, flowers and other plants which you want to keep. Take measures to kill any weeds without delay.

Benefits of having your air ducts professionally cleaned

The benefits of having your air ducts professionally cleaned are numerous. Allergens and irritants are eliminated and even the risk of fires in your home is virtually eliminated. Your air ducts' efficiency will improve, increasing the life of your entire air circulation system and providing energy savings. Having your dryer and kitchen exhaust hoods cleaned, having repairs made to your ducts, and general preventative maintenance will also keep the air in your home from becoming dirty and unhealthy, contributing to illness and allergies.

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